Using 3D Ultrasound Technology

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3d-ultrasound-technology1Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to generate internal images of the human body. Ultrasound technicians are the health professionals that have been trained to operate and maintain the technology. They work alongside other medical professionals to provide quality images to help with diagnoses, treatment plans, and pregnancies. One of the upcoming changes to the ultrasound technician occupation is the use of 3D ultrasound technology. This equipment provides many advantages to health professionals.

Uses of Ultrasound Technology

When people think of ultrasounds they think of a pregnant mother going to the doctor to see a picture of her baby. In fact many ultrasound tests are used for pregnant mothers. However, ultrasound imaging is utilized for a variety of other medical uses also. Ultrasound and other imaging equipment is often used for diagnostic exams of internal organs, such as the liver, bladder, pancreas, and thyroid. It is also used during medical procedures such as biopsies and even has therapeutic applications to detect and treat soft-tissue injuries.

Baby Development Viewed with 3D Ultrasound Technology

Below is a video that details the growth of a baby as viewed with 3D ultrasound technology. The level of detail is amazing and the ability to clearly view motion and behavior is incredible. 3D ultrasound technology isn’t just about seeing a clearer picture. With more precise imaging techniques it’s easier to identify complications with a pregnancy. Better tools get better results.

Ultrasound Technician Training

As technology develops, ultrasound technician courses will transform to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to work with the most updated equipment and ultrasound techniques. Without the skills and expertise of the ultrasound technician, the 3D ultrasound technology is irrelevant. The technician works directly with patients and other medical professionals to provide quality images and information that help assist in diagnoses and treatment plans.