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Veterinary Technician Schools

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Congratulations on the decision to become a veterinary technician. The veterinary technician occupation is growing quickly and veterinary technician schools are always recruiting new students. Overall, veterinary technician is an excellent career choice. Veterinary technician salary is very competitive and degree programs are short. Finding a veterinary technician school that’s right for you can sometimes be frustrating. We hope the information below will help you make a more informed choice!

Veterinary Technician Salary

veterinary-technician-salaryAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median veterinary technician salary $14.56 per hour, or approximately $30,290 per year. Pay is based on a variety of factors. The most common factors include experience, education and location.

By completing a veterinary technician training program you will be prepared to earn this competitive salary.

Training Programs

Most veterinary technician training programs will require an associate’s degree in veterinary technology. There are other programs that may require more or less training. The organization that monitors licenses and certifications for veterinary technicians is different in each state. It’s important to request information from each veterinary technician program and ask about the services they offer.

Job Outlook

veterinary-technician-jobsThe veterinary technician occupation is experiencing rapid growth. The BLS estimates that veterinary technician jobs will grow by 30%, creating more than 33,000 new veterinary technician jobs over the next decade.

Now is the perfect time to request information from top veterinary technician schools!

How to Choose a School for Ultrasound Technician Training

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Pursuing a career of an ultrasound technician is indeed a right thing to do for the medical students, who are interested in working in the hospital environment. This medical career is gradually flourishing across the world and apart from the traditional OB/GYN work settings, the ultrasound technicians now do have the alternative to specialize in echocardiography, vascular sonography or other newly discovered ultrasound specialties. So, considering the worth of this prospective career, a large number of ultrasound technician schools have sprouted out to yield highly skilled ultrasound technicians. And, if you are also tempted to become an ultrasound technician, then you ought to start looking for a good school for ultrasound technician training.

ultrasound technician schoolNevertheless, before you pursue the ultrasound technician career, you should at least have the general knowledge of what an ultrasound technician does and how much is their yearly income. You see, these kind of stuffs should be regarded seriously beforehand i.e. prior to recklessly spending your money in this and that education programs. So, let me tell you that the fundamental law for choosing any career involves mainly two factors. The first one is of course based upon your personal interest while the second one deals with the question-“Will this career upgrade my life standard?”

Now, to be frank, the ultrasound technician job profile is really an exciting one and the earning potentiality is also better or, rather say, the best among other technical jobs such as X-ray technician or pharmacy technician. As a matter of fact, the standard ultrasound technologists salary (according to the 2011 data) starts from $50,000 and can cross over $84,000.  With the subsequent rise in the sonography technology, the demand for highly skilled ultrasound technician has also increased significantly. So, after getting the required certifications, you will have no problem in getting a job and start your career as an ultrasound technician.

Essential attributes of the school for Ultrasound Technician Training:

Must be CAAHEP accredited:

Leaving aside the private and public issue, the most important attribute that you should look for in an ultrasound technician school is whether its CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) accredited or not.

Enrolling in a program which has not got the CAAHEP accreditation will be a waste of both time and money, since you will not get to be certified from the ARDMS i.e. American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. And, frankly speaking, the ARDMS certification is of utmost importance if you are to have a good job or any for that matter. Almost no employers will hire you if you are not ARDMS certified. For your information, there are around 190 CAAHEP accredited schools for ultrasound technician program in the USA.

Check out the program cost:

Considering the global economic crisis, it is not a surprise that many students seeking the ultrasound technician program are not financially capable of affording the education fee charged by some schools. So, if you are also in budget tight situation, then you ought to seek for the schools that offer financial aid and other scholarship programs.

Online Sonography Schools:

As an alternative, you can also join the top online ultrasound technician schools, through which you can eventually grasp the associate degrees as well as other certifications required for becoming an ultrasound technician. Just make sure that the particular online training program is accredited.

Additionally, let me also tell you that the good thing about the online programs is that they are fairly less costly than the traditional classroom-based environment programs, where one has to be physically presented in the school for ultrasound technician training. And, by the way, online discussion forums will be quite helpful for you to get the essential information regarding any ultrasound programs of your preference.

Why Choose Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools?

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An ultrasound technician school provides the course for the students which will make them capable of performing their duties as an ultrasound technician. The general duty an ultrasound technician has to perform includes the jobs such as getting diagnostic images from X-ray, MRI or Sonographic machinery.

accredited ultrasound technician schoolsBut, what is the difference between Ultrasound Technician Schools and Accredited Ultrasound Technician schools; the question may have aroused in your mind. Well, the primary difference is that, the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) only allows those candidates that have completed their course for an accredited ultrasound technician schools to go for certification exam. The candidates who have completed from non-accredited ultrasound technician schools and applied for the Ultrasound Technician Certification Exam will not be qualified before appearing for it. Though this is the primary difference, there are other differences also such as the employers also choose the ultrasound technicians that have come from accredited ultrasound technician schools rather than non accredited ultrasound technician schools to get into their business.

Ultrasound Technician Schools

You can find the accredited ultrasound technician school anyplace in United States. The common types of schools found are teaching hospitals, career schools, community colleges, vocational schools, 4-years colleges and universities. These days with the advancement in technologies, you can find the ultrasound technician training programs online also. The course programs for ultrasound technicians can be found of one year, two years or 4 years course. These facilities most often provide either certificate or Associate’s degree. However, university and the 4-year college may also provide the bachelor degrees in addition with the associate’s degree. And, in case of teaching hospitals, they provide the clinical hands-on training experience in the hospital environment and generally the training program is of 2-4 years degree.

One year course comprises of learning basic principles and techniques about the ultrasound and sonography. This course is not intended for the fresh candidates but for those ones who are already working in the medical field. Its main focus is to give the expertise to the different health professionals about the ultrasound technology.

The 2-year program or associate degree can be studied by the high school graduates. These courses have more in-depth knowledge than in one year program. And, 4-year program or bachelor’s degree is intended for the ones who are aspired to start the career as an ultrasound technician. By completing the bachelor’s degree one will easily get the job as ultrasound technician.

All the accreditation procedure of the schools is done by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAHEEP) all over the country of United States. You can search for accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools in the directory of CAHEEP if you can’t find them in your locality.

What do ultrasound technician schools teach?

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Whoever is interested in embarking upon the diagnostic medical sonography field will probably be glad to learn that this particular medical field, which is also heralded as the top 10 rapidly growing medical jobs, presents a very bright career scope. In other words, it is a very lucrative medical career, which has the earning potentiality exceeding over $85000 per annum at present. Thus, considering the prospects of this career, it is not a surprise that a large number of ambitious persons are looking forward to achieving ultrasound qualifications from the ultrasound technician schools. Nevertheless, prior to enrollment in an accredited ultrasound technician school, be it online or classroom-based, it would be wise of you to do some research and figure out which ultrasound (sonography) field you will best like to specialize in.

ultrasound technician course - what do ultrasound technician schools teach?Abdominal Sonography

This particular sonography field is concerned with the diagnosis of the abnormalities or disorders in the abdominal organs of the human body such as the liver, kidney, bile ducts, pancreas, gall-bladder, male reproductive system as well as the spleens. During needle biopsies, the abdominal sonographers generally apply the Doppler ultrasound so as to monitor the flow of the blood.

Limitations of the abdominal sonography:

  • Sonographers will find difficulty in generating the sonograms of the abdominal organs of the obese persons since their extra mass of tissue will slightly weaken the ultrasound beams’ strength.
  • Likewise, the intestinal gas in the abdomen further creates difficulty in generating the abdominal sonograms since the ultrasound cannot make passage though the air, or rather say the intestinal gas.

Breast Sonography

As the name depicts, the breast sonography is concerned with the diagnosis of the breast abnormalities, which are discovered in mammography or other diagnostic procedures. Through the application of the breast sonography, the sonographers will help the physicians determine whether the nature of the abnormality is fluid or solid, which will help in diagnosing whether the abnormality is just a benign cyst or a cancerous tumor. The salary of a breast sonographer or ultrasound technician reaches around $62000 per annum.

Cardiac Sonography

The cardiac sonography, or rather say the echocardiography, is a revered medical profession since it is concerned with the heart. With the application of the cardiac ultrasound, the sonographer will be able to monitor the activity of the heart and the blood flow. Moreover, the sonographers can also check the condition of the heart valves and the cardiac muscle tissue.

The Doppler ultrasound and the color-flow mappings are the common techniques applied by the sonographers for cardiac ultrasound scanning. And, as a side note, let me also inform you that the cardiac sonographers are usually the ones who enjoy the highest income. Their yearly salary exceeds over $85000.


The neurosonography is another ultrasound technician specialty which is concerned with the diagnosis of the abnormalities or disorders in the Central Nervous System. With the examination of the blood vessels, the ultrasound technicians specialized in the neurosonography will help in diagnosing whether the patient is suffering from a stroke or a brain aneurysm.

OB/GYN Sonography

As a matter of fact, the Obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN) ultrasound is the earliest or traditional field of the ultrasound application. The applicants who are interested in this ultrasound specialty will get to take classes concerned with generating the sonograms of the fetus and help in monitoring the fetal development.

Through this ultrasound procedure, the parents can find out the sex of their unborn kid. The OB/GYN sonography also checks whether the fetus shows any kind of abnormalities, although it is not confirmable at such a stage.

Vascular Ultrasound

Likewise, the vascular sonography is another ultrasound field, which is concerned with the veins and arteries. The ultrasound technicians wielding this specialty help in detecting damaged or blocked veins and arteries

Phlebotomy Certification

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A phlebotomist is a medical professional that was certified and trained in the process of extracting blood from patients and donors.&nbsp; Before you can begin work as a phlebotomist, you have to finish the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>phlebotomy certification</a> process.&nbsp; Phlebotomy courses are short, pay is very competitive, and future job market is good.&nbsp; Today is the best moment to begin your health care career as a phlebotomist!
<h2>Why Become a Phlebotomist?</h2>
<strong>Fast Training Course</strong>. The majority of phlebotomy training programs can be completed within several months.&nbsp; This means you can start working and earn income right away!

<strong>Competitive Salary</strong>. You won’t be wealthy working as a phlebotomy technician.&nbsp; But you can start earning a good steady income very quickly.&nbsp; Also, many phlebotomists go on to become medical or nursing professionals.

<strong>Positive Future Job Outlook</strong>. Most healthcare and medical related occupations are growing rapidly.&nbsp; As a phlebotomy technician you have a safe career for the distant future.&nbsp; Becoming a phlebotomy technician is a great long term decision.
<h2>Phlebotomy Salary</h2>
<a href=””><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-1355″ src=”×224.jpg” alt=”Average Phlebotomy Technician Salary” width=”300″ height=”224″ /></a>According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median <a href=”” target=”_blank”>phlebotomy salary</a> is <strong>$29,730 per year</strong>, or about <strong>$14 per hour</strong>.&nbsp; Salary rates can be affected by various different factors. The typical factors that affect phlebotomy salary are location, experience and education.
<h3>Top Paying States</h3>
These are the top 5 states with the highest phlebotomy salary:
<li><strong>Alaska</strong> – $38,540</li>
<li><strong>District of Columbia</strong> – $37,820</li>
<li><strong>New York</strong> – $37,790</li>
<li><strong>California</strong> – $37,770</li>
<li><strong>Maryland</strong> – $37,190</li>
<h2>Phlebotomy Jobs</h2>
<a href=””><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-33″ src=”×220.jpg” alt=”Phelbotomy Jobs Outlook” width=”300″ height=”220″ /></a>Health care jobs are growing quickly and the phlebotomy occupation is no different.&nbsp; The BLS has projected phlebotomy jobs to grow by 27% over the next ten years.&nbsp; This could result in thousands of new <a href=”” target=”_blank”>phlebotomy jobs in your area</a>!

Important Things to Know About Ultrasound Technician Certification

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ultrasound technician certificationUltrasound Technicians are generally the medical personnel who specialize in ultrasound technology and machines. Generally, ultrasound technicians use x-ray, MRI and sonography for diagnostic imaging of the patients. However, to become one you will have to go through certain steps which we will be providing in this article for you.

First of all, if you want to be certified as an Ultrasound Technician then you will have to choose right kind of ultrasound technician schools to get top-notch education. Unlike other educational courses which require additional bachelors’ degree for studying, the Ultrasound Technician Certification course requires only associate’s degree which is of two years only.

Ultrasound Technician Certification

However, this requirement also varies with the rules of the state you are residing in. There are two ways you can be certified as an Ultrasound Technician, one is by getting license from state another in by registering in the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. However, we highly recommend you to be registered in American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

In order to be registered in the Registry, you will need to pass the examination which covers all the topics and skills that are required by the ultrasound technicians. The basic knowledge required by the ultrasound technicians is how to handle the x-ray machines, MRI machines or the ultrasound machines. These machines are used to diagnose the state of patient.

The training covers different subjects including physiology, anatomy, radiology, gynecology, obstetrics, patient care and more. The training includes classroom, laboratory and hands-on trainings. You can also go for the online classes they are very versatile when it comes to time but they only cover a portion of the Ultrasound Technician Certification program. The rest of the hands-on skills you will have to learn from the respective colleges or the hospitals.

Even though the training process is quite long and demanding, after completing the Ultrasound Technician Certification you will be able to earn as minimum as $17 per hour. This will increase as you grow up with the experience. Then, after gaining enough experience you can earn from $25 to $30 per hour. And, you don’t have to even worry about getting a job as there is always quite a demand for the medical personnel in the market.

One thing to check about the Ultrasound Technician schools is that whether they are accredited by the state or the leading organizations. It will be very helpful for you when it’s time for the job placement.

CNA Programs Expected to Grow

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nurse-assistingThe nurse assistant is a low-level nursing professional.  CNAs give essential nursing care to patients that need help with their daily activities.  Nursing assistants earn a good salary.  The future job market for CNAs is extremely hopeful.  The process to get certified is fast and easy.  Some states don’t require nursing assistants to be certified.

CNA Certification

In order to become certified as a CNA, most states ask you to finish approved CNA programs.  Most nurse assistant certification training programs can be completed within 1 year. Some employers don’t require certification to begin employment as a nurse assistant.  Although, it is recommended you get certified so you could stand out from other applicants who don’t have certification.

CNA Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median nurse assistant salary is $24,900 per year, or roughly $12 per hour.  certified nursing assistant salary could be affected by numerous factors.  Some of the most common factors are geographic location, experience and education.

CNA Jobs

One of the most important concerns is that there aren’t enough CNA jobs in the future.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that nursing assistant jobs should increase by 21% between 2012-2022.  This would result in an expected 500,000 new certified nursing assistant.

CNA Responsibilities

Certified nursing assistants have a very important job.  They help patients and residents of long-term care facilities live an active life.  CNAs assist people, typically older adults, with their daily activities.  Activities often found in a nurse assistant job description include:

  • Feeding patients.
  • Transferring residents to/from bed to wheelchair.
  • Assisting patients with exiting and entering transport vehicles.
  • Documenting residents complaints and reporting them to other nursing staff.
  • Assisting residents with their prescription medication schedule.

A Brief Introduction about Ultrasound Technician Courses

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Ultrasound Technician Courses are the courses specially designed for the interested individuals who are willing to start a career as an Ultrasound Technician. An ultrasound technician is a medical professional who provides services to patients by showing the images of internal structures of body using medical ultrasound. This technology is generally used for viewing fetal development and also for viewing the internal organs in order to diagnose the conditions and diseases. Working as an ultrasound technician in United States, an average ultrasound technician could earn salary from $43,600 per year.

Ultrasound technician courses can be found anywhere within the country. There are ultrasound technician schools in every state you can get one near your locality easily. Though, you may find numerous training facilities around, make sure to check if they are accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) because if you study in non accredited training facility you will be disqualified to apply for certification exam.

Ultrasound Technician Courses

ultrasound technician coursesThe Ultrasound Technician Courses are divided into 3 categories varying with the course length. The course is divided into certificate level, associate level and baccalaureate level. The certificate level is of one year, associate level of two years and baccalaureate level of three years. The Ultrasound Tech Courses are designed depending on the objective of course, program design and the degree awarded.

Requirements for Ultrasound technician Courses are as below:

For the candidates who applied for the one-year program should posses some qualifications in the profession of clinically related medical field. The applicants should be high school graduates or equivalent to that with the background of algebra, general physics and basic science in order to apply for associate’s degree or 2-year program. And, the applicants for baccalaureate degree are required to have minimum of associate’s degree to study this course.


The curriculum of the accredited Ultrasound Technician courses include patient care, clinical medicine, physical science, application of ultrasound, applied biological science, instrumentation, related diagnostic procedures and image evaluation. Including all the subjects the ultrasound technician courses should also include plan for well-structured and competency-based clinical education.

After knowing all these things about the ultrasound technician courses, we are sure that you have known a lot of things about them. If you have any more questions or you require further information about the ultrasound technician courses you can contact CAAHEP or visit their website online over the internet.

Using 3D Ultrasound Technology

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3d-ultrasound-technology1Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to generate internal images of the human body. Ultrasound technicians are the health professionals that have been trained to operate and maintain the technology. They work alongside other medical professionals to provide quality images to help with diagnoses, treatment plans, and pregnancies. One of the upcoming changes to the ultrasound technician occupation is the use of 3D ultrasound technology. This equipment provides many advantages to health professionals.

Uses of Ultrasound Technology

When people think of ultrasounds they think of a pregnant mother going to the doctor to see a picture of her baby. In fact many ultrasound tests are used for pregnant mothers. However, ultrasound imaging is utilized for a variety of other medical uses also. Ultrasound and other imaging equipment is often used for diagnostic exams of internal organs, such as the liver, bladder, pancreas, and thyroid. It is also used during medical procedures such as biopsies and even has therapeutic applications to detect and treat soft-tissue injuries.

Baby Development Viewed with 3D Ultrasound Technology

Below is a video that details the growth of a baby as viewed with 3D ultrasound technology. The level of detail is amazing and the ability to clearly view motion and behavior is incredible. 3D ultrasound technology isn’t just about seeing a clearer picture. With more precise imaging techniques it’s easier to identify complications with a pregnancy. Better tools get better results.

Ultrasound Technician Training

As technology develops, ultrasound technician courses will transform to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to work with the most updated equipment and ultrasound techniques. Without the skills and expertise of the ultrasound technician, the 3D ultrasound technology is irrelevant. The technician works directly with patients and other medical professionals to provide quality images and information that help assist in diagnoses and treatment plans.

Ultrasound Technician Pay

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Ultrasound technicians provide important services in many clinics and hospital environments. They are a crucial component for physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals who utilize ultrasound images to assess and diagnose patients. Here we will discuss the ultrasound technician pay and future job growth of the occupation.

Average Ultrasound Technician Pay

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in {city}According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average ultrasound technician pay is $64,380. Of course, ultrasound technician pay varies from state to state for a variety of reasons. Salary and wages may vary based on whether or not the technician specializes in a certain area of ultrasound use (prenatal, abdominal, etc.). The most common factor for varied pay scales is the cost of living in any specific geographic area. For instance, according to the BLS, the hourly mean wage for ultrasound techs in Alabama is about $24, compared to $38 in Massachusetts. That may seem like quite a difference, but when you take into account the cost of living in each area, it makes more sense.

One good indicator for the cost of living in any area is home prices. Based on the data provided by Trulia, the average listing price of a home in Alabama is $219,000, compared with $553,000 in Massachusetts. So, while the ultrasound technician pay in Alabama is lower numerically, it’s higher when compared to the actual cost of living. For detailed information on ultrasound technician pay for each state, you may want to check out the complete ultrasound technician salary by state table.

Ultrasound Technician Job Growth

One of the main questions potential students have is, “Where there be jobs when I graduate?” The BLS has projected that ultrasound technician jobs will grow 44% between 2010 and 2020. That is a much faster growth rate than many other occupations. Despite popular opinion, ultrasound technology is not only used for pregnant women. There are a variety of uses for ultrasound equipment in many different areas of the medical field. So, as the Baby Boomer population gets older, there will be an increasing need for medical services across the board. This is good news for you if you plan on attending an ultrasound technician course or online ultrasound technician school.